All orders are tightly wrapped in bubble wrap.


1-2 Decks Ship bubble wrapped in an envelope mailer for $3.75

1-6 Decks Ship by USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box for $7.50

7+ Decks Ship by USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box for $15.


*IMPORTANT* Because USPS is our primary shipping provider, import taxes are not included in the price. It is up to the buyer to understand import taxes/fees within their country at the time of final delivery. This differs from country to country. For the time being, international orders will be followed up with an email to confirm understanding. Thank you. *IMPORTANT* 

USPS Priority Flat Rate is available. This is the higher cost flat rate option as it uses USPS branded boxes.

We've also added USPS calculated rates for USPS First Class International. For up to 16 decks, we have a 6x6x4 Indestructo (tm) box. For larger orders, we have a 9x6x4 Indestructo (tm) box.