Fontaine Overstock Two Random Decks

Fontaine Overstock Two Random Decks

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2 Decks Fontaine New/Sealed. Decks will be different.

Note: The random bundles with more decks (2/4/6) have a wider selection and a higher clearance discount. Additions underlined below.

You receive two Random Fontaine decks (dealer's choice, overstock) from the following:

Fall 2020: Cranberry, Broccoli, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Horchata, Grey

Fever Dreams: Hacker, Rave

Fantasies: Splatter, Coral, Cell, Terrazzo, Gradient, Pimlico

Neon: Safety, Slime, Seafoam

Holo/Foil Series: Holographic, Holographic Spiral, Gold, Ruby, Rainbow Holographic, Black Holographic

Collabs: DABS MYLA, Pink Panther, Spongebob, Matt McCormick, Illusion Pack, Chinatown, Army of the Dead, Good Company V2

Made in USA